Recent Releases


GN&RP conducts market research & planning for Invisa (INSA)

GN&RP develops acquisition study for Tix Corp (TIXC)

GN&RP evaluates virtual reality opportunity for Houston-based private equity group

GN&RP develops business and marketing plan for SafEntry LLC

GN&RP conducts market research & planning for AeroSurface, Inc.

GN&RP creates offering memorandum/business plan for ATC, Inc.

GN&RP develops marketing plan for Shell/Ferrari co-promotion on behalf of WPP-London, UK

GN&RP offers conditional agreement to acquire Media Consulting Partners LLC

GN&RP creates marketing plan for Quantum Paper, Inc.


GN&RP adds to consulting staff

GN&RP develops acquisition and capital raise scenarios for TIXC

GN&RP sells patent rights to SafEntry intellectual property

GN&RP creates business plan, marketing plan & media plan for OPRX.OB

GN&RP develops business case white paper for PWRM.OB

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