Marketing Planning
All too often, startups or immature companies don't have a handle on how to take their product or service to market. The business plan doesn't necessarily include a comprehensive marketing plan. They incorrectly assume that an advertising agency, PR firm or online marketer will develop their internal strategies for them. Or, they assume that their pro forma projections will somehow magically dictate how their target customer will react to a product launch.Marketing planning is an often-overlooked but critically important step that positions the product or service, determines the various sales channels, the cost of activating those channels, the strategic implications of entering a crowded market, the time and effort required to launch a product or service and a whole host of related considerations. Using the sector and market research, GN&RP principals can evaluate the candidate company's business plan, marketing plans (if any) and how those integrate with the operational plan. A report on how a company takes its product or service to market is rendered.

GN&RP can also be retained by the candidate company or prospective investors to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that details exactly how that company's product is launched, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and what the ROI should be on marketing, advertising, sales, promotion, merchandising and PR activities. This is a large-scale planning initiative that results in a fully-detailed, actionable plan that can be handed directly to management for immediate execution.

GN&RP provides a confidential executive summary and detailed planning document
for evaluation.

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