Market Intelligence
GN&RP offers a comprehensive suite of services that provide investors and funds with timely and comprehensive information regarding a prospective endeavor's market opportunities. In too many instances, the business plan and pro forma are the only documents examined in detail, when in fact the most critical aspects of a successful venture has much to do with whether or not a market truly exists for the product or service.

Sector Analysis
GN&RP researches the industry sector into which the prospective endeavor is entering to determine whether that sector is expanding or contracting, is racked with consolidations and bankruptcies, or is in danger of being displaced by functional equivalents. Other financial information is gleaned to clearly define the health of the sector and prospects for growth. Further, GN&RP examines the individual growth and earnings of similar firms within the target sector, ownership structures, technology turnover and other relevant information.

All too often, developers or inventors are too isolated or preoccupied to vet the business climate within their area of endeavor, or they lack the tools and expertise to uncover information that may positively or negatively impact their business concept.

GN&RP provides a confidential executive summary and detailed report for evaluation.

Market Research
GN&RP conducts research to determine if there is in fact a market for the product or service offered. The size, number, distribution and transactional value of potential customers are examined, as well as rates of adoption, customer turnover and the more typical demographic and psychographic research. One key research focus is defining functional equivalents - another technology, another product in a related field that can provide the same features and benefits at lower cost. Once again, developers or inventors don't typically invest money in researching outside their industry or discipline to seek out potentially devastating alternatives to their offering.

Market research is conducted within several formats. The least precise but most immediate format is a 'rapid search' that identifies only areas of concern, show-stopping intelligence and industry developments without any backup research, analysis or documentation. The next level is a 'full-stop' format, where a rapid search is conducted until information reveals itself that effectively puts a full-stop on the business concept. The most precise and detailed format is the traditional research format with extensive background work, fact-checking, trend analysis, competitive evaluation and full documentation. This last level of scrutiny can be conducted once a 'rapid search' or 'full-stop' reveals negligible negative information.

GN&RP provides a confidential executive summary and detailed report for evaluation.

Competitive Comparison & Benchmarking
GN&RP can be retained to conduct competitive comparisons - head-to-head, feature-by-feature face-offs with directly competing products or services, as well as end-user research to define perceived strengths and weaknesses. Further, GN&RP can investigate the existence of functional equivalents in a related industry sector that could easily be adapted to the target sector. For example, database software used in the real estate market can be quickly modified to create a mortgage brokering application.

In the absence of a finished or marketable product or service, or as an adjunct to direct product comparisons, GN&RP can conduct a benchmarking study that defines the characteristics of successful products in the target sector of the candidate company, to include features, pricing, customer support, warranties and the like.

Further, GN&RP benchmarks the organizational setup, resources, production facilities, marketing and sales infrastructures, channels and customer support initiatives that characterize best of breed in that particular sector and what it may cost to achieve it.

Too often, developer or inventors, and also management of small firms, have no clear understanding of the scope of support services offered by the competition that increases customer retention, moderates advertising costs, and promotes growth through favorable press or word of mouth. They don't necessarily include the costs of ramping up a first-class customer service capability, such as a good warranty administration department, employee development, sales training, and other hallmarks of well-run companies.

And, unfortunately, some don't know just how good the competition really is — how well their products are made, how flexible and adaptive their services may be, how quickly the products or services turn over because the market demands something new and different.

GN&RP provides a confidential executive summary and detailed report for evaluation.

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