Investor Services

On behalf of investors, GN &RP will research new
business opportunities, private firms, public firms,
individuals and specific intellectual property in
the automotive, aerospace, IT, healthcare, entertainment,
electronics, advertising, alternative energy and security
industries, where it has experience identifying
and evaluating potential opportunities.


GN&RP can conduct a brief examination of a potential
opportunity, so that investors can quickly assess the
viability of the business concept without investing significant
time or money in vetting or due diligence. This is considered
a preliminary review that is conducted in advance of term
sheets or offering memoranda. Once due diligence or
business planning is necessary, services described in
Market Intelligence or Marketing Planning can be considered.


Market Overview
Investors may wish to take the pulse of a target market without
a significant commitment in time or money. GN&RP can develop a
market summary to quickly and cost-effectively render an opinion
on a target market's general health or growth prospects. Once
due diligence or business planning is necessary, services described
in Market Intelligence, Market Planning or Due Diligence can be considered.



Exit Strategies
Prior to the development of term sheets or deal memoranda,
GN&RP can research and examine all possible exit strategies
for investors, ranging from the likelihood of a successful
public offering to the identification of potential buyers or partners.
Once due diligence or business planning is necessary, other services
GN&RP offers can be considered. Investor Services are available to
individuals, groups or funds on an hourly basis, retainer, or a
defined project with a not-to-exceed cap.

GN&RP provides investors with maximum flexibility in evaluating potential opportunities.



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