Due Diligence
Once a potential funding has moved into term sheets and letters of intent, the job of due diligence begins. GN&RP believes that the most critical information doesn't hide in the pro forma or the projections - it's out in the marketplace, with the consumers, the competitors, the regulators, the economy and all those other factors that create the market environment.

Combining sector analysis, market research, competitive comparison & benchmarking, GN&RP proceeds further to examine the entire business model in detail, including, but not limited to, operational plans, staffing, organizational structure and the like. But the greatest amount of effort is directed back out to the market, because it is the market that will provide the demand as well as the competition. It is the market and how it responds that will shape the organization. It is the product or service and how well it's received that will shape the organization, as well. Ship a product with inadequate documentation, and expect to hire more tech support personnel. Offer a service with overpriced options, and expect underutilized capabilities. Deliver an unbeatable value and expect demand to quickly outstrip resources.

GN&RP provides a new level of due diligence - a way to see clearly the potential for a market-beater.



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