Business Planning
Investors and entrepreneurs routinely fail to connect with each other based solely on the condition of the business plan. This key document usually contains mountains of information that investors don't value and precious little of the insights they need to make an intelligent decision. GNR&P offers its business planning to both investors and businesses, in some cases redeveloping the plan to more fully define what an interested investor or fund needs in order to move the process forward.

Business planning without solid market intelligence can be an exercise in wishful thinking - the numbers may be impressive, but may be grounded in conjecture rather than the realities of a particular sector's business environment. It's useful to know if there's a major roadblock or smooth sailing just ahead when establishing the business model, funding requirements and use of proceeds.

The business plan itself is a living document. It should respond to changes in the business model, the funding climate, investor input and the target market, as well as any late-breaking developments in technology, regulation or competitor positioning.

GN&RP can keep a business plan up-to-date as management or capital moves forward with the process of funding and closing.



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