Who We Are
GN&RP is a group practice of seasoned marketing, technical, engineering and financial analysts. Our partners focus on automotive, aerospace, IT, healthcare, entertainment, electronics, advertising, alternative energy and security industries, where they have extensive experience identifying and evaluating potential opportunities. The work is conducted in the strictest confidence.

Our Customers
GN&RP offers the services of its professional staff to conduct work on behalf of:

Prospective investors who require market intelligence prior to investing
Prospective investors as an integral part of due diligence
Investors who've already funded an endeavor and wish to re-evaluate the company's direction
Company principals who recognize the need for more detailed and actionable plans

Professional services described herein are compensated on the company or investor side, typically in some combination of fees, equity participation, warrants or other forms, based on the scope of work required.

Work Product
GN&RP offers its services at the direction of its clients. Information that is researched, revealed or otherwise created by GN&RP is considered confidential professional assessments of a current situation, product or service by which investors or management can make appropriate decisions or take specific action.

GN&RP is not licensed or positioned to offer financial advice, analyst direction, market forecasting or share evaluations. Information gathered, tested and
substantiated by GN&RP can be included in any and all communications, investment guidance or regulatory filings, with appropriate attributions and credit.

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