Beyond the glossy business plans, the audited financials, impressive resumes and snappy
vision statements
are unasked, unanswered questions that impact the ultimate success of any venture. While others pore through numbers and spreadsheets trying to figure out if a business or its offerings are viable, we look for answers to the two questions that matter most —

Is the product or service ready for its market? Is the market ready for that product or service?

Our mission is to identify and mitigate factors that can a kill a great idea before it's had a
chance to catch on, or use market intelligence to create a new strategy that ensures its success.

We test the market assumptions within business plans or business concepts. Our specialists develop the competitive landscape, examine market environments and determine market readiness. GN&RP looks to see if there's really a market for the product or service, how quickly the market may adopt at what price point and where functional equivalents exist. We find out how consumers and competitors may react.

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